Coverage list of the b.rx regulatory reporting frameworks

b.rx regulatory reports coverage

b.rx is the best solution in order to comply with the reporting requirements of local and international applicable reporting frameworks. Download the full list below.

Reporting capabilities

The b.rx platform supports financial institutions in their journey towards regulatory compliance. Therefore, the platform comes with built-in support for national and international supervisory and statistical reporting frameworks. Today, the b.rx platform is the best choice to comply with the reporting requirements of supervisors like European Banking Authority (EBA), Single Resolution Board (SRB), National Bank of Belgium (NBB), De Nederlandse Bank (DNB) and more.

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The power of an API-based architecture

Thanks to its flexible data and reporting architecture and the integration of a MarketPlace within the platform , the list of supported local and international applicable reporting frameworks is constantly expanding. 

Through the b.rx MarketPlace, we can easily integrate any new national or international regulatory reporting framework by leveraging on our ecosystem of high qualified partners who have in-depth knowledge of the local market.

Furthermore, thanks to our analytics engine, any ad-hoc reporting can be built in a matter of minutes based on your regulatory data.

Download the complete reporting list here

Discover all the supported frameworks that are covered by the b.rx platform in our fact sheet by clicking the button below. This coverage list has been updated in 07/2022.

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