Download the BECRIS CKP – CPP factsheet

Download the BECRIS CKP - CCP factsheet

Get the latest amendments from the NBB in an insightful factsheet

Integration CKP/ CCP in BECRIS

The NBB recently announced that the Central Individual Credit Register CICR (CKP/CCP) will be integrated in BECRIS. The current CKP/CCP application has grown old and outdated and will not be supported by the NBB IT infrastructure anymore from 2024 onwards.

This means that starting 10/2023, the BECRIS reporting will be expanded with more data requirements. More institutions who weren’t subject to BECRIS reporting in the past, will now become subject to BECRIS due to this migration. 

What is the exact scope of this shift in reporting? Which institutions are concerned and what is the timeline for this transition? At b.fine, we summarized this in an insightful factsheet. Fill out the form to access the factsheet.


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