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Improve the productivity of your reporting team

Break down silos with b.rx Collaboration

Collaborate and gather data from stakeholders into one environment. Focus on users from different departments by leveraging our unique collaboration features.  With b.rx, regulatory reporting becomes simpler, more efficient and cost efficient.
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Connect users through one central platform

A centralized platform for reporting teams, where the entire reporting process can be managed effectively, results in fewer email threads. The b.rx platform puts an end to countless versions of a document, scattered amongst email inboxes and shared drives. Everything your reporting team needs can be stored on the b.rx platform allowing work to be done more efficiently and saving a significant amount of time. In this way, you and your reporting team can focus on your core business.

How does b.rx enhance team collaboration?

Improve the productivity of reporting teams by working together on one platform. 

b.rx focuses on improving team productivity with multiple collaboration features such as the kanban view, tasks, planning and workflows. Regain control of – as well as oversight over – the progress of your reporting process and enhance collaboration with the following features:
brx regulatory reporting platform


A colleague has changed some things? The status has changed?  b.rx notifies you immediately.

Activity & status tracker

See who is working on which report and what still needs to be done. Keep track of the changes made.

b.rx ticketing system

Submit a change request or report an incident via the b.rx ticketing system. 

Live chat support

b.rx provides live chat support to answer any questions you may have or to help with any issues you may encounter.

Tasks & to-do lists

Get task reminders when your colleagues tag you. Develop a team to-do list and collaborate effectively.

Reviews & approval

Review your team’s work and approve reports before submitting them to the regulators.

Manage documents

Avoid working on old files. Work together on the latest versions of a report directly from b.rx.

User-friendly interface

b.rx’s intuitive interface and insightful dashboards will help you define the right actions to take.

Regain control of your processes

Track the progress of the process. How much has your team completed? How much time is left before the reporting deadline? What percentage of the report is ready? b.rx gives you a clear overview of where you stand.

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